What is the Dark web? how to get into the Dark web links?

Below, we'll break down what Dark web is, what its features are, how to access it, and what popular sites exist on this network. Many of us use the internet. We visit our favourite websites, watch videos and listen to music, read the news and play games. There is an ocean of all kinds of content on the web, but all the content available to us is a mere grain of sand compared to the data that is hidden from our eyes. A large number of websites are not indexed by search engines, are not accessible to ordinary users and are closed and sometimes even criminal in nature. These sites are collectively known as the "Dark web".Some of the main characteristics of networked resources are detailed below.

What is the Dark web?

All of the existing Internet can be broadly divided into two main layers:

"surface network" (surface, view network). The network resources of this layer are indexed by search engines, displayed by them, and easily found by ordinary users. This is the part of the Internet we encounter every day, accessible via Google, Yandex, Bing and similar search engines;
"Deep Web" - A layer of sites that are not indexed by search engines. The ratio between the visible part of the site and the invisible part is approximately 1 in 500. On the hidden part of the net are various military and government resources, libraries, censored news portals, banking sites, etc. These resources can be accessed through a direct link with the appropriate username and password.

An important part of the Deep Web is the "Dark web", a complex of hidden network resources that can only be accessed using special software. The purpose of these resources is usually illegal. You can find drug dealers, arms dealers, slave traders, lots of deviant porn, resources from various criminal groups and even cyber police. He tries to catch the worst criminals in this colourful sea of information, but he doesn't always succeed.

You might also be interested in our material on the official Dark web website.

Once the meaning of the Dark web has been explained, we will discuss the distinctive features of this segment of the network. The main characteristics of Dark web can be summarized as follows:

Dark web information is not hidden, there are many resources on the visible network segment where you can get basic information about the segment. In addition, in today's cultural arena, there are fictional books and movies that reflect the workings of the Dark web in one way or another.

For example, in the recently released American film Remove from Friends: Dark web (IMDB 5.80) the story is about an ordinary American teenager. He accidentally joins the Dark web, whereupon shady characters start following him. Despite the creepiness of the plot, the film manages to captivate many viewers and inspire them to visit the Dark web.

Once it has been explained what the Dark web is and what its features are, let's also see how to log in to the Dark web on your PC.

How to get into the Dark web

Reading the material on the Dark web, it might seem that accessing it requires good computer skills and a lot of expertise. But it isn't. To access the Dark web, just install the familiar Tor browser on your PC and enter the address of one of the Dark web sites (with the .onion extension) in its search box.
For example, Dark web links addresses might look like this

http://torscn6qv7ohkslwgmvtye57krggsgnlo42a4rssqyrhoheb6fb4qjqd.onion  http://genql2qdjutcqoo3jzqey2s6rme665xpyoo2q54ng77fintkkhmi6uid.onion http://genql2qdjutcqoo3jzqey2s6rme665xpyoo2q54ng77fintkkhmi6uid.onion

Please note that many links to Dark web resources may not be valid for several months after they are published. This is due to the high turnover of these sites, many of which close within a short time after opening. This is a specification of the network.

Dark web search engines can help you find Dark web sites. The most popular are Grams, Candle, TORCH and Ahmia. However, these search engines can search not only the Dark web, but also the regular "Surface Web".

Below you can find several Dark web links which you can  access and see what there happen.

Despite the fact that the vast majority of Dark web sites use English but probably have a another language sites on dark web

Here several dark web links directory for you. It can help you with find anything on dark web.

OnionDir - Everyone can add new links and comment or vote for the sites already available. You also can check what other people had to say This website will automatically test the validity of the link and intelligently load the website screenshot

Onion Link Directory - You can add your own sites and comment or vote for the sites.


Nexus – Also you can add your link to this directory. This is the one of the great adv ways.

Tornode – one of the oldest dark web directories, you can placed any link on this directory and buy adv for your own site.


Above we have discussed what "Dark web" means, what its functionality is, and how to get into it. It is recommended to visit Dark web. But you should be extremely careful because on dark web you can find viruses which can break your computer or steal your own information.

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