The "hidden" web and carding forum lists that nobody knows facts

The hidden part of Internet, illegal and forbidden: the deep web generates 96% of traffic compared to the part we all know.

There is a secret web, hidden, that few know, but that generates, alone, 96% of the traffic compared to the visible part that, instead, covers only 4%. It is like a secret population, living in the bowels of the earth, far from the light of the sun, but far more populous than the "official" one. A graphic example, to understand what we are talking about, is in the image you see below. In the darknet, there is also the concept of carding and carding forums.Carding forum is almost the main part of the darknet markets where a lot of illegal products are offered and carding forum list sites where you can find a lot of darknet sites and carding forums

It's called deep web: that is the deep part of the internet. It's not about the common extensions that we all type (.it, .com, .eu, .net, .org, etc.), but a new word.

But what is it? Why nobody talks about it? How do we get there? Is it possible for anyone to see it?

The revelation has been made by Dr. Marco Pingitore, Psychologist-Psychotherapist, Criminologist, President Italian Society of Forensic Sciences. That we wanted to interview, to shed light on this dark world. Here is what he answered us.

What is the "deep web"?

The deep web is the hidden part of the traditional web. In practice it corresponds to the websites not commonly accessible and not indexed by search engines. To access it you need a particular free peer to peer software, called Tor, through which you can enter the dark side of the web.

The Tor software also allows anonymous browsing in traditional sites, thanks to which the IP address of your computer or tablet is modified and difficult to trace.

What contents are present in the "deep web"?

Through the Tor program you can access non-traditional sites that have an extension .onion.

Onion in English means "onion" which symbolizes the encrypted circuit layers typical of this anonymous network. Every site with this type of extension is potentially anonymous.  Governments are fighting darknet sites and carding forums. And their people are even more spoiled and collected in carding forum list sites.

Nobody knows who built it and nobody can know who visits it.

Most of the sites present in the deep web are illegal. They sell and buy everything: weapons, drugs, passports, credit card codes, bombs, stolen phones, child pornography, etc.. There are also sites that allow you to commission the murder of someone. Just pay a certain amount, send photos and information of the target to be eliminated and the rest is taken care of by those who provide the service.


Here is an example of a screen that appears when you enter a killer site

How do you buy in the deep web?

In an anonymous network, even the exchange of money must be done in a safe way. Obviously, traditional credit cards are not used for payments, but the virtual currency BitCoin.

The BitCoin is a currency, coined in 2009, which works with the peer to peer system. At that time 1 BitCoin was worth a few cents of Euro; now the quotation of 1 BitCoin has risen to about 300 €, with peaks of 600. Transactions with BitCoin are substantially safe and anonymous because at each purchase the system simulates hundreds of other fictitious transactions so it becomes difficult if not impossible to chase the real one. Carding forum list sites cannot be banned because there are so many of them. Anonymity in the darknet is the most important thing and because of that people can afford to buy anything here

Who are the users of the deep web?

Certainly many curious people, but also many terrorists and members of organized crime. Let's think about the young person who buys some drugs or the terrorist who buys weapons.

Is it possible to fight the deep web?

Certainly, but investigative actions require non-traditional means and considerable economic efforts. Also in terms of continuous updating by the Judicial Police that must necessarily keep up with the times. The deep web is surely an anonymous network, but not 100% secure. In addition to Tor software are necessary other technical shrewdness to avoid being traced. It remains however a submerged world that allows a voluminous illegal business.

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