Search engines and scam list of tor how to find scam list on search engine

Scam list of tor on the darknet are not easy to find. Users can't just go to Google via Tor, type in the query they're interested in, and get to the right page. This article will tell you how to go to scam list of tor.

How it works

The construction of the "onion network" Tor is different from the World Wide Web. This is done in favor of the anonymity of users and site creators. A large amount of forbidden information and services is hidden in the darknet:

- The ability to order a DDoS attack;

- Information removed from the global Internet;

- Services to steal or buy information about a person;

- The ability to purchase illegal items from online stores.

The above list is a small part of what is present in Darknet. To find them, you need to know the principles of the network or keep active users among your acquaintances. Illegal scam list of tor network are distributed by means of pages with ratings, where resources are presented according to subject matter or through special search engines.

List of search engines

Resources working through the shadow Internet are distributed with the domain onion, if there is no this prefix at the end of the link, it means it is available through a regular browser. Addresses are constantly changing, so that they are not blocked or tracked, so many links over time does not work. Not sure how to find banned or hidden scam list of tor in tor browser? Check out the list below.

not Evil

not Evil is one of the most popular search engines. The developers are constantly updating the database and indexing new resources. Previously was called TorSearch, but the name was changed because of confusion among users who thought it was the official service of the browser.


Fess is the most secure search engine on the Tor network. The developers intentionally do not index sites with narrowly focused services and online stores with illegal products. Fess's main task is to find information that has been removed or censored on the global network. The base is not as big as in competitors, but the user will not come across resources of swindlers or unwanted software.


The system is designed to search for forums, chat rooms and other resources with anonymous communication. It's hard to find forums in the darknet that are not on narrow or banned topics, so don't confuse it with standard chat rooms. The advantage of the service is that it works not only through tor, but also through the normal Internet.


The creators of the search engine called their service very symbolically - torch. This is the oldest and most extensive base in Darknet, but due to poor optimization of the algorithm, the system sags and loads time after time. We recommend to be cautious, look carefully at what you click on. Torch earns money from contextual advertising, which is actively used by scammers, ordering ads for their sites.

Internet resources in darknet are constantly moving or closing, with new ones coming in their place. The basic rule - be careful, do not give out personal information, do not download programs if you are not sure about them and do not get involved in dubious stories and always check scam list of tor before enter to darknet.

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