Most Popular Darknet market list : the darknet like a playground for hidden characters

On the margins of the normal internet, there is a dark side of the web where explosives, weapons and drugs are traded. The Darknet, because this is the name of this place, has already become a legend, and in this article we will write what exactly it is and how to use it.

The Munich shooting in late July 2016 sparked a violent discussion about the dark side of the internet. A young perpetrator in one of the illegal markets on the darknet acquired a firearm — with a simple click, just like buying in a completely normal online store.

What exactly is a mysterious darknet?

Darknet is primarily a collective name for various anonymous websites, shops, discussion forums and other services available on the Internet. Unlike regular websites, they are not accessible through a web address and cannot be found in ordinary search engines like Google. So they exist underground, and insiders pass on their addresses to each other, they can also be found in special search engines (for example, Grams).

How to enter the darknet?

Entering the darknet is not particularly difficult. Who wants to get there, does not have to be either an IT expert or the owner of special equipment. Darknet users use commonly available tools, such as the Tor virtual network viewer. It installs like any regular program, but in reality it is simply a properly crafted version of Firefox. Addresses in the darknet are entered directly, but they look much more mysterious than a regular URL, for example, http://zqktlwi4fecvo6ri.onion. On a side note: in the Tor browser, the user can of course also open quite normal websites.

How does the technology work?

In principle, it is similar to anonymizing services. Operators such as Steganos or CyberGhost hide the identity of their users by IP addresses located somewhere abroad. In the Tor network, it works similarly, and darknet pages are located on individual PCs. When someone opens an address, data packets flow through two randomly selected tor nodes that give the packet a new IP masking address each time. The data transfer is encrypted to the last node point (exit node), only later the transmitted data reaches the recipient in open text.

Is the darknet illegal?

No. We can look around the darknet, it is not forbidden. However, we should make it clear to ourselves that the boundaries between legality and illegality are rapidly blurring, and even if the darknet itself is not illegal, it is naturally forbidden to buy illegally offered goods.

Is the darknet a place for criminals?

Also. However, generally condemning the darknet would be too simplistic. Although the darknet is full of fraudsters, drug dealers, herdsmen and certainly also terrorists, at the same time the darknet is a refuge for people living in totalitarian countries and deprived of the freedom to express their views. On the darknet, they can at least feel relatively confident and discuss openly.

Also, to find darknet markets there are so-called darknet market list with their help you can find markets where illegal products are sold.

Most Popular Darknet markets

Tor Market - Darknet Market, which sells all kinds of drugs. Relatively small market that its anologues. The assortment of goods is not large. Only accept cryptocurrency.

Rating: Very good

Abacus Market -The new darknet marketplace was created just after Alphabay closed. They say that this market is the new Alphabay, but only in a new form and address. The site has the same forum where communicate create themes a decent number of people.

Rating: good

WeAreAMSTERDAM - German marketplace not a bad marketplace with a wide range of products accepts monero. Sellers look plausible photos unique there is a good chance that this is not a scam but a real store. But it is not old relatively new marketplace.

Rating: good

Nemesis Market - that trades drugs for several years running the government is so far powerless against it can not close. There are a lot of sellers and a decent turnover of black money.

Rating: good

What illegal things can be found there?

Pretty much anything you can imagine. Pirated copies of movies and TV shows, pornography, illegal software licenses and counterfeit luxury watches, stolen credit card details, PayPal or Netflix accounts, and identity documents. The offer of illicit drugs ranges from drugs to doping agents to medicines. Weapons are also often offered. Darknet sites are not about fun – after the Munich massacre, everyone should realize it, because its perpetrator got a gun on the darknet.
To this day, there are persistent rumors about darknet human trafficking and forums dedicated to contract murders. It is difficult to assess how seriously they should be taken.

Are all the offers on the darknet real?

No. A lot darknet market lists are scams. After all, scammers have a much easier life here than on the normal Internet, because if someone buys a weapon on the darknet and does not receive the goods, he is unlikely to complain to the police. Therefore, the percentage of fraud among darknet transactions is extremely high.

What are law enforcement agencies doing against illegal sellers?

Polish law enforcement agencies are watching what is happening on the darknet, but in many cases they are powerless. For the sake of anonymity, it is generally impossible to determine either sellers or buyers. And even if it succeeds, the perpetrators are generally abroad, where the hand of national institutions does not reach. In such cases, the Polish authorities shall cooperate with Interpol and Europol. It is known that all over the world, law enforcement agencies put their agents on the darknet and observe the markets. Through sham transactions, there are more and more shots of drug traffickers.

· On a large scale, fake banknotes are offered - euros and dollars, prices depend on quality. Here, a trader for ten false fifties demands less than 60 euros. Included in the price of the usage tips: Give them to the pizza delivery man.

· In the darknet, in addition to marijuana and legal highs, you can also buy hard drugs, such as cocaine. The consignor in this case grants a quantity discount and claims to send the goods directly from Germany.

· Driving licences, identity cards or complete ID cards: there are mainly scans available on the Internet for self-printing, but one of the dealers promises real Italian proofs. A perfectly counterfeit British driving license with all holograms costs 350 euros.

·Weapons and explosives also play a big role in the darknet.  This is about selling a grenade. Price: about 160 dollars.

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