Illegal shopping on shop cloned debit cards price comparison in the Darkweb

Actually, everything is quite banal: You can also rate your online retailer on the dark web. On the illegal sites there are platforms for price and quality comparison. Only the products are not so banal: weapons, drugs, counterfeit money.

First of all: You can only reach the Darkweb with the browser Tor. With the help of this anonymization tool, all content with the network extension ".onion" can then be found. This "onion land" or dark web also offers illegal shop cloned debit cards where users can buy pretty much anything. Weapons, drugs, counterfeit money and also stolen credit card data. External Content

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Buying and selling are almost like in the "normal" network. This is how the magazine c'tdescribes it. There are special search engines and also rating portals. This means: After buying drugs, you can rate your dealer. Whether the price was in order, the quality or even the delivery. There are also portals for quick price comparison on the Darknet.

The illegal shop cloned debit cards on the dark web

There is even something similar to the Yellow Pages for the Darkweb. For example, the blog Deepdotweb. There, illegal shop cloned debit cards are listed and evaluated. Alphabay performs best. This crypto market, in turn, has 70,000 products on offer.

You get all sorts of drugs - from heroin, marijuana to cocaine. Or a pack of three with counterfeit 20-euro notes. Cost: 20 Euro. But also a German identity card with watermark for around 650 euros. Don't forget: The purchase of illegal products is of course also illegal.

Above all, drug sales are flourishing on the Darknet. Global Drug Survey, one of the largest drug surveys on the net, comes to the conclusion that the Darknet also avoids violence. Because you no longer have to buy drugs in dark street corners.

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