How to people purchase when buy credit card balance on darkweb

What hides the hidden Internet, deep web or Deep Web

The Deep Web is made up of websites that are not indexed by any normal search engine. That makes you unable to get into them or even find them. Only with special methods.

The pages that the vast majority of people visit are only part of the Internet. The one composed of well-known pages or that are able to find search engines such as Google. They form the normal Internet. People here can even buy credit card balances. These are other people's cards who don't even mention it.

"Underneath" the normal Internet is another hidden one that few enter and many do not even know. It is usually compared to an iceberg. Its tip, the small part that is above the surface, is the normal Internet that billions of people visit daily. The hidden part underwater is the deep Internet. As in an iceberg, that "submerged" part is believed to be much larger than the other (at least 20 or 30 times larger).

What's in it?

Here are some of the things you can find in its depths:

  • The interestingInfinity of documents, images, videos, contents and databases of individuals, companies, governments. There are many on technical or scientific topics, but also on almost any other imaginable. And forums or places of exchange of information about the most varied issues.
  • The darkDetailed techniques of hackers and crackers, piracy of all kinds, purchase of "soft drugs", counterfeit products or banned or controlled medicines. Conspiracy theories and leaked secret documents (such as those from WikiLeaks or PanamaLeaks). Hiring hackers or crackers. Counterfeit money.
  • Purchaseof "hard drugs", firearms, forged official documents, information stolen from credit cards or other means of payment. Manuals for the manufacture of explosives, hiring professional thieves, laundering dirty money.
  • The worstImages and videos of child pornography, incest, real murder and rape, torture or terrifying medical experiments. Sale of people or organs, hiring of hired assassins.

The deep web is also plagued by law enforcement or government agencies, spy services, etc. All to follow the trail and identify who enters many of its contents. Walking on the hidden Internet is not a game. Buy credit card balance is an illegal action which you should not do because you can go to jail.

More things that distinguish it

You can't get into it with any of the usual browsers, whatever it is. I have already said that you will not be able to find what it hides with normal Internet search engines. Its pages are encrypted and hidden in its bowels. Cause people can buy credit card balance, drugs and more illegal items. Not even their addresses are like the normal ones you're used to.

It's rare for your pages to include words or names (such as Google or Facebook). Instead, they are usually made up of a mixture of seemingly meaningless letters and numbers. Nor do they end in .htm or .html but have the extension .onion ( in English. It is the symbol of the special browser that is used to enter them). An example of real direction: http://idnxcnkne4qt76tg.onion.

What you need to know before entering

There are many dangers lurking. For your own sake you have to prepare yourself before trying to enter the hidden Internet. Discover the essential security measures needed if you decide to move forward.

Do not take this warning lightly or you will take all kinds of risks. From your PC getting infected or worse until ruthless people are able to identify you. Always follow these basic rules:

  • Never give out personal information. Of any kind on any page you visit. Nor share any other data that allows you to identify yourself or the place where you are. Hackers break into people's computers and steal their data and then buy credit card balances from them.
  • Don't download anything. Unless you are 100% sure that it does not pose a risk. When I say 100% I mean 100% not 99%. If you download something, disconnect the Internet before opening it.
  • Don't get into normal pages while browsing it. For example, being on the hidden Internet do not look at your e-mail or enter your Facebook page. Also, look for information about things close to you, such as people, places, companies, etc.
  • Avoid at all costs entering pages with illegal content. Even if you do it just out of curiosity.
  • Don't assume that your anonymity is guaranteed. Deep web browsing is done with a special browser that encrypts communications and hides your IP. But it is not impossible that it can still identify you, for example, a hacker or the FBI. If you enter where you should not, you risk one day the police knocking on your door. You wouldn't be the first one that happens to. You are warned.
  • Take extra precautions. Put into practice these 5 steps to protect your PC from hackers.
  • Update your Windows and install a good antivirus and firewall. Bring Windows up to time with all available updates, both important and optional.

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