How to find darknet sites list on search engine of tor network

Darknet Deep Internet with I2P and FreenetDarknet (from the English "DarkNet" - "dark network" or "shadow Internet") - the common name of the various anonymous data exchange networks, working on top of the usual Internet by transmitting information through encrypted decentralized channels.

Darknet services are usually used by anyone who cares to remain anonymous: journalists, politicians, hackers, traffickers, etc.

Darknet sites list are sites where darknet sites are located that can only be entered through a tor browser. Anyone who wants to enter the darknet can only through a special browser. It is very difficult to find these sites on the net, and that's exactly where we need the darknet sites list where the data is located.

The capabilities of each of these networks differ greatly. Some are just for file exchange, some are used for anonymous web surfing and some even allow you to create your own sites. In the article below we will consider the purpose of some famous darknet, let's understand the principles of their work, and also learn what the depths of the Internet conceal...

The Internet we are used to is really only a part (albeit a larger one) of the real World Wide Web. There are corners in it where most ordinary users or search robots will never go. The name of these corners is Darknet.

We used to perceive the Internet rather lopsidedly. Most users are sure that it is only what we see in our browsers.

You can find darknet sites list through search engines, you need to find a search engine and drive darknet sites list there and the search engine will give you a search result there you can already find many sites.

In fact, the World Wide Web (aka WWW) is not the only segment of the Internet! It is only its visible part, around which there are many different highly specialized and specialized networks that we usually don't notice or even suspect exist.

And yet, in the deep Internet there is also life and active communication. In the anonymous networks various shady characters exchange all kinds of secret information, trade in illicit goods and carry out all sorts of machinations.

The average user, in principle, all this is not necessary, but interesting. Therefore, I invite you on a little excursion into Darknet. What can be considered Darknet? In contrast to the usual Internet, there is no separate darknet. There are several unrelated networks of various kinds, which are commonly grouped under this general term.

The main features of darknet are: the closed network from the search and other bots; decentralization (there are no servers and DNS, and the data is transmitted between random nodes); information is transmitted through secure channels in encrypted form. The last point is one of the most important. It is the key to understanding the essence of darknet.

Take torrents, for instance: it is a decentralized network, but all of its data is transmitted unencrypted, as a result of which, the provider can say exactly what you have downloaded and even track from where!

Darknet, on the other hand, works on principles similar to VPNs. All data flows through the random network chains in encrypted form and can only be decrypted by the computer for which it is intended.

Interception of packets is possible in principle, but due to the resistance of crypto algorithms to hacking, it is practically impractical. Additionally, the interception process is complicated by the fact that information transmission routes are constantly changing. 

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