How about sites, carding forums and markets on dark site of internet

Millions of users are dangerously migrating from the public web to the dark net and enter to the carding forum, a free zone carding forum nothing is forbidden and within which it is possible to smuggle and find everything.

Report on the slums of the web, an immense and anonymous network that can be accessed by anyone who knows the obligatory path of entry.

The dark net is the last, disturbing frontier of the network. A hidden world in which only users with good technical knowledge and specific computer skills can and can access. This part of the deep web (it should be noted, for the correctness of information) that not all the content of the deep web – or about 95% of the content of the internet – is illegal. In spite of the fact that many people associate these sites with cards, there are some sites in the darknet that are called carding forums. But on the carding forum you can find a wide variety of products.

However, here, for simplicity of exposure, the two terms will be used, dark net and deep web, as synonyms) has quickly become the criminal underground, in the ghetto of the conventional internet, a huge jumble of virtual streets on which carding forum that sell all kinds of narcotic substances (1854 proposals for the sale of illegal drugs have been surveyed), bazaars that sell weapons, stolen credit card codes and computer malware to carry out attacks, sites of terrorist groups, pedophile portals that offer videos and images of raped children and adolescents, manuals to make explosives by hand.

In delving into the meanders of the deep web you have the feeling of being in an absurd and surreal crowded and smelly bazaar made of stalls on which you can find everything. A market place of the incredible, where nothing is prohibited, designed to be free (from rules) and pirate, where connoisseurs from all over the planet, unscrupulous and without rules, are ready to bargain on everything ...

Although it has existed for years, the dar net comes to be known by the great people of the web in the aftermath of the off-line, by the US Authorities, of Megaupload file hosting portal that hosted and made available, to the affiliated community composed of millions of users, the download of numerous terabytes of intellectual works protected by copyright; once the administrators of

Megaupload were arrested, the American FBI began to hunt down users and downloaders of the famous US file hosting site, resulting in a chaotic and massive escape from the conventional web. As is well known, in fact, the internet offers those who investigate the technical and legal possibility of identifying the person responsible for a possible crime, with greater probability even than is possible in the real world.

From a technical point of view, the dark net is the network that overturns this information archetype, making the users who access it untraceable and therefore not identifiable, with all that this situation can mean and generate with respect to the consequential non-applicability of any national law, in the presence of even serious crimes.

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