Darknet links 2022 it's not as anonymous and not as safe as it seems check by yourself

A word of warning: In this article we talk about the dark side of the Internet. It's dark because people feel free and unpunished and are prone to commit crimes. It's a shame to commit crimes, and a thief should go to jail.

It is generally accepted that there are three kinds of Internet:

The visible Internet. This is where we go every day. These are the usual sites: social networks, search engines, forums and the "Code" magazine site. They are all in the visible Internet segment. Any information you need can be found by keywords, because almost all sites are indexed by search robots.

Deep Internet. These are darknet links 2022 year whose content is not included in search results: it's a huge world of employee sites, closed databases and other service pages. Technically, they can be accessed via the Internet, but you need a username and password to do so. There's nothing illegal about them, but you can't get in without special access.

What is the difference between authorization and authentication

Darknet. A hidden network inside the Internet, which is not visible by normal means. It works on the same principles as the TOR network, you can get into it only through TOR. This network was intentionally created hidden and anonymous, so that no one could not establish censorship or limit the activities of the participants.


The point of the darknet is anonymity, but the network itself does not automatically guarantee anonymity. Using TOR alone is not enough to comply with it. A person can leave some information about himself on a forum which may reveal his true identity, or download a Trojan which will follow him. In this respect, the darknet is just like the ordinary Internet - the more data you leave about yourself, the easier it is to track you.

How it works


The most common way to enter here is through the Tor browser, so most of the sites in the darknet are in the .onion pseudodomain. The pseudo-domain means that in fact there is no such domain on the Internet, but inside the darknet they can be accessed.


For example, if you enter the address http://zqktlwi4fecvo6ri.onion/wiki/index.php/Main_Page into your normal browser, you will get an error because the DNS servers do not know how to handle this domain. And if you enter the same address into the Tor-browser, it will show the HiddenWiki - Wikipedia for the darknet. There's nothing forbidden about it, it just tells you where to go if you first go to the darknet:


Onion sites are usually hosted on shared hosting sites, which are easy to start or just as easy to change if needed to maintain anonymity. For the same reason, some darknet links 2022 year do not work in the tor browser, because the hosts that hosted these sites have closed or moved to a new address. This is why darknet links 2022 directories are so popular on the darknet; they are special thematic collections of sites, from which users can choose the necessary ones. HiddenWiki is also an example of this directory.

The search engines are also there, but they are not as cool as Yandex or Google. The fact is that on the darknet, a lot of things are hidden from indexing and accessible only by direct darknet links 2022. Examples of search engines from there are TORCH and Seeks.

What's inside

Darknet can be divided into two parts: sites with texts and forums without censorship by any government and darknet stores that sell anything. The shopping sites are numerous, and they most often offer something illegal. We will not list them, they are not small.

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