Darknet: how buy credit card online and other illegal goods on tor network

It's always changing and it's very chaotic. It is part of their secret and often dark nature. There is no search engine or list that collects in full what it contains (surely there never will be).

Sites appear and disappear without warning. It's normal for links to your pages to suddenly stop working. There are many that you will not be able to enter unless you register or are "invited" to do so.

But you can start here... The purpose of visiting a few thousand people on the darknet is to buy something. For example, on the darknet you can buy a credit card online under someone else's name. The same goes for drugs, weapon, etc.

These links you have to open with Tor. You can even order or buy credit card online without leaving your home. Your cards are sent by sellers through postal services in hidden packages.  Except for the last one, they won't work if you try to do it with any other browser. Again: be VERY careful where you enter.

Additional security measures

Some Default Tor settings are not the most secure. It is activated because there are websites that need them to function well. Leaving them as they are is permissible only if you want to surf the normal Internet anonymously. Buy credit card online can be bought in two clicks through darknet sites and markets.But it is much riskier not to disable them if you intend to enter with Tor in the Deep Web. Do this if safety is most important to you:

  1. Enter Tor as I explained in step 6 above. Using yours folder that is created on the Windows Desktop.
  2. Already in Tor, above is the bar where to put the addresses of the pages (see this image). He writes on it:
    (and press Enter )
  3. Confirm that you want to enter the settings by pressing the I'll be careful, I promise! button on the page that opens.
  4. Below the address bar is a search field, Search. Type javascript.enabledin it. After more or less time the results will come out. Find that same text in them (javascript.enabled) and double-click it. On the right, under the Value field, "false" should then appear. Also disable the services.sync.prefs.sync.sync.javascript.enabled option that may appear in the results.
  5. Now use the same search field (Search) to locate noscript.forbidIFramesContext. Double-click that option in the results, type the number 0 in the window, and press OK. Your Value must go from 3 (the default normal value) to 0.
  6. Look for browser.frames.enabled. Double-click on that setting in the results. Your Value must change to "false".
  7. Finally look for network.http.sendrefererheader. Double that option in the results, change the value that appears in the window to the number 0 and confirm with OK. The Value will change from 2 (or perhaps another) to 0.
  8. Close Tor and reopen it.

Disabling these settings may cause some pages to stop working in whole or in part. In that case you can always activate them again. Although I do NOT recommend it. You would have to follow the same steps to put the original values (True or the default number as the case may be).

In general, you should also put into practice these 5 steps to protect your PC from hackers. Even if you browse the normal Internet. There are more dangers in it than it seems.

Uninstall Tor

It's easy to do this if you get tired (or scared) of your wanderings on the dark side of the internet. Simply delete the folder that the program creates on the Desktop. If you want, also delete the installer you downloaded from the Internet. That's all.

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