Tor scam list the rare scam sites on one page protect yourself from scam

Tor scam list

Darknet and scam sites are really a problem for people who want to do business on the darknet. There are tor scam list sites called scam sites, a scam is a deception, the one who deceives people who are for money.


Premium Markt http://fwrgiihsuqivvykxpottouraa54yhgtbvyqco3gww4e6mjatnm43ozad.onion/

TorBuy  http://torbuyxpe6auueywlctu4wz6ur3o5n2meybt6tyi4rmeudtjsysayqyd.onion/

Toretto Market http://dpnm2faxtid6khol6p6q3idwe5bp6vlroslj6ob7hrbeidw63bhzvcid.onion/

Prica market http://nu2smdn2swrkc6gvaambuqjgosg4ojpth7ejsghcx7tgraj7ymhkuqid.onion/

Deepsy  http://lzogc3coyafxtfir3u6w7cms6t3zgyldgvwtw7lmq6e5pdfy5vqu57id.onion/

Black Market http://blackmazzm6g7kiok4a7tdkhnwik5w3dxynl22po3ih2rp6zwolgfmad.onion/

CardedStore http://cardedw7qqbxdmchpvrov6oc3gc7h2l5bfyrwfatbhppf72ljcqwwfqd.onion/

Covid Market http://covid35fc774e3y2hapsm2z4cez22uz52fk5fynbsusg5yzj7xb676qd.onion/

Venus Market http://ly75dbzixy7hlp663j32xo4dtoiikm6bxb53jvivqkpo6jwppptx3sad.onion/

HeavenMarket http://dll3hoygmwndfp23bamjlwx2uchlmyxsaf277zdall5r3lozo63onkyd.onion/

Freedom http://freedomd2rm7quv5josvsx2kgd4guj6uboqeqs7pmlsmfiuxn5klt4ad.onion/

Plastic Market http://plastic4xuqjt52uwbmxsbyrwor3garq4t5kvpes4i6hfmfyufkf54qd.onion/

Cash Cards http://wth474sv6ct4glwiowjipvr6ydeg6tbxlenxqibe5vno7ivmeqlumnid.onion/

Caribbean  http://caribcc5jik7maeqfit7h34af7ntatggbmlfhyxjnqnrhij7gjt5vtid.onion/

The Escrow http://escrow4rfs3z34nvd5bjqmtqz6ohsngt2ntuw3aqp6gwavr7dfl4wuad.onion/

Psy Shop http://psyshopshweetovp4em654waimmcjsf7eqifwe2d4qhnluk2b24r6dqd.onion/

Cardzilla http://cardzilevs4j4nj6uswfwf35oxnp64yrrtazjgap2w3vgoz2pwkp6sqd.onion/

21 Million Club http://million5utxgrxru4rqmjwn7jji6bf44jkdqn3xyav6md5ebwy5l2ryd.onion/

 Here on the darknet you go to the darknet, you are looking for something to buy. They found the market and are ready to order, but it turns out to be a scammer and deceive you. This is called a scam in the tor network.

It is very difficult to distinguish these sites from the original sites. Photography reviews Everything is right. It is impossible to distinguish them from real sites. This is why there are sites that expose such scam sites. Our site is one of those.

Here you can find the scam sites, this list is not yet complete and will be added as soon as we receive information about the scam from you. You can send this information to our contact, we will not roughly answer you and add the site you sent to the scam list.

Of course, it is very difficult to determine a real site from a fake one, we check each of these sites, that is, we Top up the balance and check the withdrawal of funds. Alas, on these scam sites, we lost all the money that we contributed to the site. This is certainly sad, but it helped us identify sites that need to be avoided.

In the comments, indicate the scam sites that you came across on your way, were you deceived? Don't let others try your mistakes