Best Onion Sites on the Dark Web the fall of darknet markets

The average person or even an advanced Internet user has little awareness of what goes on in the World Wide Web. The surface of the web are widely known and accepted even in communist countries search engines and portals like: Google, Facebook, Amazon, Komando, eBay, Yahoo, Bing and everything else that any search site finds.

By the way, an interesting fact is that even the biggest search monster of today, Google, surveys from 4 to 16 percent of the world's web, depending on the relevance of the query and its indexing.

In other words, you and I are like above-water sailing ships, sailing wherever the "search" wind blows and see what's on the surface of the water - no further than your nose. Deep Web.

Below the surface of the digital sea there is the deep web. There you will find abandoned and neglected Best Onion Sites on the Dark Web sitting there unmoderated and unattended for years, research databases, government databases and other things that are not meant for the public, simply put - not indexed by search engine crawlers.

You can spend years researching this wealth of information. Dark Web There is an even deeper and more dangerous place, the so-called Dark Web. Illicit substances, weapons, counterfeit money, stolen cards, fake degrees or even passports, cloned debit cards, safe-breaking tools and even heavy weaponry are traded there.

Best Onion Sites on the Dark Web also let you hire a hired assassin or escort, buy someone's identity, or indulge in child pornography. Imagine how different this Internet is from the one you and I use everyday without even thinking about what's going on in the depths of the web. Finding dark places on the Internet is not easy, even if you try very hard - you need to know exactly where to meet (a specific online address) and how to get to it. Known examples of "shut down" Dark Web resources Of course, in most countries there are whole programs developed by special services to counteract human, arms and drugs trafficking on the web. The fight against illegal use of  personal information, illegally obtained data of citizens and their bank cards is growing every day.

The arrest in San Francisco of Ross Ulbricht, owner of the Silk Road online trading platform, is a prime example of this crackdown. (Silk Road). Ross is charged with hacking, money laundering and drug trafficking.

Attempts to counter the Dark Web Considering the above-mentioned facts, let us ask a question: will it all really remain at the level of random operative work to counter everything illegal that is going on in the World Wide Web? We can already see the answer: DARPA (Defense Advanced Research and Development Agency of the US Department of Defense) has invented the new Memex engine, capable to break into TOR and other hidden networks.

Tens of thousands of anonymous Best Onion Sites on the Dark Web are visible to Memex without any difficulty. The system is capable of indexing all the expanses of the dark Internet, ignored by ordinary search engines. We hope that, as it usually happens, the special services will not use Memex for trivial espionage and other little legitimate activities, and will be engaged in combating human trafficking, weapons and drugs.

However, it is practically impossible to fully protect anyone from all the "negativity". This includes the special services. Therefore, all their attempts to protect anyone from themselves will be in vain. A man chooses what to do himself, and only each of us can protect himself from something by himself.

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